Three Principals to Organizing Your Kitchen

When designing, remodeling or just rearranging your kitchen, organization is key for a successful new look. It may feel sometimes that you never have enough storage space in your kitchen despite all the drawers and cabinets. Other times your kitchen may feel cluttered. Hiring a professional kitchen designer can help you kitchen dream become a reality. Here are three quick tips to remember when organizing your kitchen:

1. Subdivide & Conquer. Wide-open drawers are an invitation to clutter. Anytime you have a drawer where you’ll be storing small items, use a drawer organizer.


2. Go Vertical. Avoid organizing nightmare and go vertical instead. Stack plates and bowls, store sheet pans and trays in a vertical holder, and use wall-mounted holders to store brooms and mops so they won’t tip over.


3. Store Heavy items Down Low. You should never have to balance on a stepladder while trying to lift something heavy. 
Keep heavy items at or below waist height, including pots, pans, mixers and anything else that takes some real effort to lift.