Outdoor Kitchens

Adaptability, Durability & Stunning Design

You can now bring the heart of your home to your backyard with KabCo Kitchens. We have the expertise and innovation to transform your dream outdoor living space into reality. In South Florida, having an outdoor kitchen is a year around luxury. From pool parties to those chilly fire-pit nights, we have everything you’ll need for a successful outdoor oasis.

KabCo’s weatherproof kitchens are perfect outdoor living in Florida, the Caribbean and the US. Our award-winning outdoor cabinets can withstand the elements yet still have the rich look of real wood. From classic shaker style cabinetry to custom contemporary flat styles, we have the look you want. Outdoor countertops surfaces such as natural stone and Dekton are the perfect complement to our outdoor spaces.

Dekton seamlessly adapts to any environment, conquering even the harshest weather conditions and elevating outdoor living spaces, especially the outdoor kitchen. This material is a game-changer, when it comes to designing outdoor spaces. With its wide range of colors, textures and designs, Dekton compliments any style, while withstanding extreme weather conditions.

KabCo’s outdoor kitchens not only excel in durability, they offer unparalleled versatility. We understand that outdoor spaces require cabinets that can withstand the elements while maintaining their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. That’s why we deliver outdoor cabinets with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on longevity.

At KabCo Kitchens we believe in using only the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity and performance of our outdoor cabinets. Our outdoor cabinets are constructed with a 3/4″ thick lightweight HDPE poly marine board that is UV stable.

KabCo’s marine-grade polymer cabinets are an excellent choice for those seeking a low-maintenance option. This material is highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, and staining, making it ideal for outdoor storage in humid or coastal areas.

Louvered, Shaker and Slab door styles are available for outdoor cabinets. These cabinets come in a tasteful selection of finishes along with custom color options. Don’t settle for ordinary outdoor storage solutions. Elevate your outdoor space with KabCo Kitchens and enjoy a blend of durability, functionality and style.

If you are looking for materials that can stand up to the elements and bring your outdoor living space to life, choose KabCo Kitchens. Adaptability, durability and stunning design options make us the perfect choice. Visit a KabCo Kitchens design center to explore our range of options and start your outdoor living space transformation.



From design to install, KabCo can create a dream oasis in your own backyard.

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