Gather Round the Kitchen Island

Is your home ready for the Holidays?

This year, your friends at KabCo have tips to help prepare your kitchen for a memorable entertaining season. Here are our top tips to get your kitchen ready for the holidays.

1. Remove Old Holiday Decor. It’s time to put away those Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations and declutter your kitchen counters. Place past holiday items in temporary storage to get the most out of your space for the holidays. With a minimalist kitchen, you’ll have the adequate room to prepare and entertain your friends and family.

2. Make room for more guests. It’s the perfect time to donate unwanted goods and de-clutter your kitchen. Find a mid-sized box and eliminate mis-matched tupperware, useless or broken kitchen gadgets, and items that haven’t been used in over 5 years. It’s a great time to look in the pantry for unwanted nonperishable goods to donate as well.

3. Resist the Urge to Buy More Decor. Instead of buying new decorations this season, re-use your existing serving dishes and trays. Keep it simple in the kitchen. Plus mis-matched dinner ware and trays are in this season.

Have fun, be creative and get cooking. From all of us at KabCo Kitchens, we wish you a memorable and joyful holiday season.


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