New Construction Kitchen Design

Let us bring you inside a new construction single-family home in Pinecrest Florida featuring a stunning KabCo Kitchen. There is so much to enjoy in this space. The newly designed kitchen meets all client’s requirements and more. It has an open floor plan that allows for easy movement and access to all areas of the kitchen. 

White cabinets provide a timeless look that is always in style. Seen here are Waypoint Living Spaces Painted Linen shaker cabinets with a custom wood hood. The use of natural quartzite counters and brass fixtures adds an elegant touch to the kitchen, making it the stand-out room in this new home. 

The cabinets are in a timeless white linen finish with contrasting warm maple island, providing a clean and fresh look. The cabinet doors and drawers are a timeless recessed door style cabinet, which suits this new home beautifully. The exposed side panels have the same detail adding a custom luxurious touch. 

The natural quartzite counters and backsplash are a stunning addition to the kitchen, providing a durable surface that is resistant to scratches, heat, and stains. Natural stone offers a more organic look to the space. The movement and depth of natural stone is like no other. 

The counters are also easy to clean and stay within the neutral palette of this beautiful kitchen. Natural quartzite was used as both counter and backsplash surfaces throughout this kitchen. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at the details that make this kitchen unique. Stacked cabinets reach the ceiling with an extended crown molding. That’s over 55″ of wall cabinet height. Glass inserts on the center cabinets add an open feel to this bright design.

A custom range hood was built to match the cabinetry adding to the elegant feel. The curved design and extended molding of the hood complete the custom-built look. 

The brass fixtures add another layer of luxury and elegance to this Pinecrest kitchen. The brass faucet, drawer pulls, and sconces provide a warm and inviting feel to the kitchen.

The brass fixtures also complement the white cabinets and natural quartzite counters, creating a cohesive and harmonious design that has stood the test of time. 

Overall, a bright color scheme and contrasting neutral island work perfectly in this kitchen, which is at the very heart of this beautiful new Pinecrest home. This spacious kitchen feels so luxurious the moment you walk in. It was beautifully designed and executed by the team at KabCo Kitchens.

A newly designed white kitchen with natural quartzite counters and brass fixtures is a stunning addition to any home. Our kitchens are designed to maximize space and functionality, providing homeowners with a practical and visually appealing space. We incorporate elements that add a touch of luxury and elegance, making your kitchen stand out from the rest. The Pro’s at KabCo are known for creating spaces homeowners can be proud of and enjoy. It’s important for us to build durable and long-lasting kitchens that are easy to maintain. We have the solution for any kitchen and look forward to remodeling with you.  Partner with a KabCo Kitchens on your dream kitchen and create your own luxury.  



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