Cabinet Accessories

Clever Storage Solutions for your Cabinets 

Our kitchens showcase a number of clever internal storage solutions.  KabCo Designers are here to help make best use of your space. These inserts are designed to fit inside cabinets and drawers, providing additional compartments and dividers to help keep items organized and easily accessible.

Cabinet accessories are an excellent way to make the most of your storage space and keep your cabinets and drawers organized. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect accessories to fit your specific needs and preferences. Browse our growing selection of cabinet inserts, pull outs, organizers, docking stations and more. 


Some of the most popular cabinet organization inserts include:

  • Spice Pull Outs; Spice pull outs are a great way to keep spices and other canned or bottled items organized and easily accessible. We offer a range of spice rack inserts that can be installed inside base cabinets, wall cabinets or drawers.
  • Roll-Out Trays: Roll-out trays are a convenient way to access items stored in the back of deep cabinets. These trays slide out on bottom-mounted soft closing rails, allowing homeowners to easily reach items that would otherwise be difficult to access.
  • Pull-Out Trash Bins: These inserts are designed to fit inside cabinets and provide a convenient way to store and access trash bins. They typically feature a sliding mechanism that allows the bins to be easily pulled out of the cabinet allowing for up to 2 bins. 
  • Cutlery Trays: These inserts are designed to keep cutlery and other small kitchen utensils organized and accessible. They typically feature compartments of varying sizes to accommodate different types of utensils.